• Operation Hours : 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

What is Paymart?

Paymart is a user-friendly e-commerce platform where merchants can display all their products for purchase in one place in the form of product catalog. Merchant can share their online shop link via WhatsApp, FB, Messenger, Instagram, gmail etc. to customers and multiple product payments can be made via shopping cart.

• Our services and products are charged based on subscription fees and transaction fees.

• We apply modest service charges of RM1.50 for every transaction made thru our edxaPay business solutions platform.

• Transaction details will be notified via email.

• Maximum amount per transaction between “buyer” and “seller” using edxaPay system is up to RM5,000.

• Cumulative maximum daily transaction limit is unlimited.

• Highly recommended for individual, SMEs and start-up businesses, who wants to expand and digitized their business using advanced IT business solutions; whereby thus far only large multi-national corporations could afford.


How it works?

Share your entire product catalogue link via preferred social media platform with your customers and conveniently receive payment them.

Customer is keen to buy products from merchant online shop

Merchant shares link to online shop to customer

Customers choose item from the list of products from merchant's online shop and proceed payment thru edxaPay payment gateway

After payment has been made, Merchant and customer receives payment notification from edxapay

Merchant able to record business and financial transaction


Advantages & values for customers

  • Less investment for set up
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Notify Customers Effortlessly
  • Easy To Keep in Touch with Customers
  • Open 24/7
  • Real-time Reports & Analytics
  • Keep track business progress

Who can use Paymart?