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What is FMS?

Facilities management is the tools and services that keep the day-to-day operations of buildings and infrastructure operating smoothly, safely, and sustainably.

For businesses that own and manage their facilities, strong facilities management allows your employees to be more likely to have the functioning equipment that allows them to do their jobs along with the safe, comfortable workplace they need. Your facilities management affects your bottom line more directly too, allowing you to prevent or delay costly repairs and replacements, keep your energy costs low by maintaining energy efficiency, and more. For businesses that lease and manage facilities for their tenants or clients, facilities management allows you to uphold your contracts and establish a positive reputation to grow your business.


Key Benefits of Facilities Management

A robust platform will facilitate a range of tasks necessary to ensure 24/7 brand support across all locations while also providing strategic insights into maintenance costs and resource allocation. Key benefits of facilities management software include streamlined contractor invoicing and payment processing, improved visibility into work order management, and increased access to facilities data.


Repair & Maintenance Management

• The primary responsibility of any facilities management team is keeping assets in optimal working condition, which involves proactive scheduling of any needed repairs or maintenance (R&M). The right software makes it easy to submit work orders on the go, track their status, and ensure completion.

Parts & Supply Management

• Facilities management software provides an easy-to-use mechanism where businesses can buy approved sourced and contracted materials. Maintaining control over these purchases helps businesses save money, ensure quality, streamline ordering, and keep track of warranties.

Settlement/Payment Processing

• Using facility management software, contractor invoices can be submitted online, validated against contracted rates and applicable sales taxes, coded for G/L processing, and linked with third-party accounting systems.

Asset Management

• Facilities management software provides a single platform where a comprehensive record of all equipment and locations, including all work history and maintenance records, can be stored. This simplifies the tagging, management, and tracking of equipment warranties, mandatory inspections, and planned maintenance.

Call Center Access

• Facility management software often includes call centre access for 24/7 work order submissions by location staff over the phone. This allows for formal follow-up of time-sensitive service requests to ensure timely contractor performance and reassignment, if needed.

Contractor Sourcing and Management

• Facility teams can access qualified, vetted, and insured contractors and all contractor data, through a centralized database. This simplifies the contracting process and ensures higher quality work at a lower cost.

Preventive & Scheduled Maintenance

• Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping Repairs & Maintenance costs down. With Facilities Management software, you can schedule, authorize not-to-exceed (NTE) pricing, and validate all preventive and scheduled facility maintenance events – including mandatory inspections